The Vision

Fragmented Reality is a reflection of human nature. Each subject is divided, broken down into a profusion of feelings. Like a puzzle an answer lies behind each piece. An unfinished masterpiece yearning for completion.

From this foundation, DeSoto began to create a series of experiments in search of new textures that broke away from traditional color palettes. His newest collection known as Translucent Dimension is a result of a year's worth of what he calls "artistic discovery." DeSoto not only discovered new textures, but utilized light to create something indescribably beautiful.

The Mother of Pearl effect which he achieved with many of the pieces in Translucent Dimension draws in the viewer and captures them with its abyss of layers. The collection's ability to give off a luxurious feel adds a touch of class that separates it from traditional art.

I knew that Fragmented Reality was only the beginning of my work and not the end. The true beauty of art lies in that it is as infinite as the human mind
— Pepe Soto (aka DeSoto)

The Artist

A creative mind since birth, Pepe Soto (aka DeSoto) has had an extensive journey in the arts. He began to sing at age eighteen and later on compose music in his early twenties. Spending over thirty years in the music industry, Pepe always had a passion for the visual arts. He immersed himself in the world of photography shortly after retiring from music. Over the years, his passion for photography combined with his natural talent in digital art led to the creation and evolution of his signature style known as Fragmented Reality. 

The images are haunting, portraits that seem of another time, not yet discovered...
— Petra Wright, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts



The Colorful Lifestyle

Color is light. This belief is one of the foundations of the Fragmented Reality style. The style and the DESOTO brand as a whole is unnatural, undefined, and unseen. It incorporates color and manipulates it to the advantage of each piece. Giving a sensation of passion and excitement, yet an odd peacefulness which can only be fulfilled by the irregularity that we as humans identify with.

we felt his work depicted pure innovation, so much so that we had to find out what his inspiration was behind his creation.
— CREATIV Magazine