Translucent Dimension

A daring follow up to DESOTO's premier art collection, Fragmented Reality Series I, the Translucent Dimension collection implements a world of new hues and textures, subsequently transforming the artist's style into one that is seemingly 'alive' to the viewer. Albeit featuring various areas of design not present in his first collection, Translucent Dimension is not a departure from the Fragmented Reality style, but rather an expansion. Translucent Dimension is a collection of artistic expression—not meaningless abstract work. Instead, Translucent Dimension accurately reflects the state of the world today, and utilizes form, particularly three-dimensionality, to impact the viewer and capture their attention. 

High-quality archival inkjet prints sold on the Loupe Marketplace to made be available soon.

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A bridge between Fragmented Reality Series I and Translucent Dimension, the Interlude collection consists of three exclusive pieces. The evolution of the artist's signature style, Fragmented Reality, brought together different textures which eventually led to an astonishing 'mother of pearl' effect. Interlude displays this change, yet retains the use of the vibrant color palettes which made his premier collection so unique.

High-quality archival inkjet prints sold on the Loupe Marketplace to be made available soon.

.Fragmented Reality Series I

This is the premier collection by fine artist DESOTO. The first collection utilizing his powerful Fragmented Reality style, it consists of eighteen vivid works of digital art. Each piece is laser printed directly on recycled, pure aluminum. This meticulous process results in a complex, yet detailed, high-resolution archival piece incomparable to any other.

Custom pure aluminum prints available. Please call us at 1 (888) 463-3560 or email us at to order.