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A daring follow up to DESOTO's premier art collection, Fragmented Reality Series I, the Translucent Dimension collection implements a world of new hues and textures, subsequently transforming the artist's style into one that is seemingly 'alive' to the viewer. Albeit featuring various areas of design not present in his first collection, Translucent Dimension is not a departure from the Fragmented Reality style, but rather an expansion. Translucent Dimension is a collection of artistic expression—not meaningless abstract work. Instead, Translucent Dimension accurately reflects the state of the world today, and utilizes form, particularly three-dimensionality, to impact the viewer and capture their attention.

See below for description of mediums.

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Deep Matte Print

Designed exclusively for digital output on large-format and Frontier laser printers, and provides great beauty and tremendous impact. It's unique matte surface provides elegant color reproduction with subtlety and warmth.

Metallic Print

Delivers rich, vibrant colors, flattering flesh tones and very deep blacks. Its special construction makes it more resistant to tearing and curling and provides a unique look in a variety of applications. It has an archival life of 100 years in a typical home display environment and 200 years in dark storage.