Translucent dimension

A daring follow up to DESOTO's premier art collection, Fragmented Reality Series I, the Translucent Dimension collection implements a world of new hues and textures, subsequently transforming the artist's style into one that is seemingly 'alive' to the viewer. Albeit featuring various areas of design not present in his first collection, Translucent Dimension is not a departure from the Fragmented Reality style, but rather an expansion. Translucent Dimension is a collection of artistic expression—not meaningless abstract work. Instead, Translucent Dimension accurately reflects the state of the world today, and utilizes form, particularly three-dimensionality, to impact the viewer and capture their attention. 

All pieces are custom-made and limited edition. Pure aluminum prints available at select retailers.

Please contact us at 305.305.2346 or via email for further information.